False christs

There have been many false christs or messiahs since the time of Jesus.

Martin Gilbert in his book Atlas of Jewish history  lists 25 false messiahs in Europe between 400 and 1816.

The Wikipedia website lists 14 Jews, 34 Christians, 8 Muslims and 10 other people who have claimed to be christ between the first and twentieth centuries.

The Encyclopedia Britannica says "Almost every generation had its messianic precursors and pretenders—the best-known case being that of the 17th-century pseudo-messiah Shabbetai Tzevi".

False Christ newspaper headlineA recent example of a false christ occurred in Sheffield. The Sheffield newspaper The Star had a headline on June 22 1988 giving details of a Sheffield man claiming to be Christ. He had taken out a High Court writ against all 1,800 members of parliament because they had refused to talk with him.