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Documents are currently available for the first 49 chapters of the plan. More will be added soon.

Week 1 A taster showing that the Bible is relevant to us and our world.

Weeks 2 to 7 A basic plan looking at the life of Jesus Christ, the first-century church and what they believed in the first century.

Weeks 8 to 52 An in-depth look at the Bible message.

Notes are available for Mark 5 which is not part of the Daily plan:  Mark 5 Your notes     Mark 5 Suggested notes

WeekDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7
1Psalms 72Isaiah 11Acts 171 Corinthians 15Psalms 191 Corinthians 132 Timothy 3
2Mark 1Mark 2Mark 3Mark 4Mark 6Mark 7Mark 8
3Mark 9Mark 10Mark 11Mark 12Mark 13Mark 14Mark 15
4Mark 16Acts 1Acts 2Acts 3Acts 4Acts 5Acts 6
5Acts 7Acts 8Acts 9Acts 10Acts 11Acts 12Acts 13
6Acts 14Acts 15Acts 16Acts 18Acts 19Acts 20Acts 21
7Acts 22Acts 23Acts 24Acts 25Acts 26Acts 27Acts 28
8Genesis 1Genesis 2Genesis 3Genesis 6Genesis 7Genesis 12Genesis 13
9Romans 1Romans 2Romans 3Romans 4Romans 5Romans 6Romans 8
10Genesis 15Genesis 17Genesis 19Genesis 22Genesis 26Genesis 27Genesis 28
11Romans 9Romans 10Romans 12Romans 131 Corinthians 21 Corinthians 31 Corinthians 11
12Genesis 29Genesis 30Genesis 31Genesis 32Genesis 33Genesis 37Genesis 39
132 Corinthians 4Galatians 1Galatians 2Galatians 3Galatians 4Galatians 5Galatians 6
14Genesis 40Genesis 41Genesis 42Genesis 43Genesis 44Genesis 45Genesis 46
15Matthew 1Matthew 2Matthew 3Matthew 4Matthew 5Matthew 6Matthew 7
16Genesis 47Genesis 49Genesis 50Exodus 1Exodus 2Exodus 3Exodus 4
17Matthew 8Matthew 9Matthew 10Matthew 11Matthew 12Matthew 13Matthew 14
18Exodus 5Exodus 6Exodus 7Exodus 8Exodus 9Exodus 10Exodus 11
19Matthew 15Matthew 16Matthew 17Matthew 18Matthew 19Matthew 20Matthew 21
20Exodus 12Exodus 13Exodus 14Exodus 16Exodus 17Exodus 19Exodus 20
21Matthew 22Matthew 23Matthew 24Matthew 25Matthew 26Matthew 27Matthew 28
22Exodus 24Exodus 25Exodus 32Leviticus 8Leviticus 10Leviticus 16Leviticus 17
23Ephesians 4Ephesians 5Ephesians 6Philippians 1Philippians 2Philippians 3Philippians 4
24Leviticus 23Leviticus 25Leviticus 26Numbers 13Numbers 14Numbers 20Numbers 21
251 Thessalonians 11 Thessalonians 21 Thessalonians 31 Thessalonians 41 Thessalonians 52 Thessalonians 12 Thessalonians 2
26Deuteronomy 1Deuteronomy 2Deuteronomy 3Deuteronomy 6Deuteronomy 8Deuteronomy 18Deuteronomy 28
27Luke 1Luke 2Luke 4Luke 5Luke 7Luke 9Luke 10
28Joshua 1Joshua 2Joshua 3Joshua 4Joshua 6Joshua 20Joshua 24
29Luke 11Luke 12Luke 13Luke 14Luke 15Luke 16Luke 17
30Judges 4Judges 7Judges 14Ruth 1Ruth 2Ruth 3Ruth 4
31Luke 18Luke 19Luke 20Luke 21Luke 22Luke 23Luke 24
321 Samuel 11 Samuel 21 Samuel 31 Samuel 81 Samuel 91 Samuel 101 Samuel 15
331 Timothy 11 Timothy 21 Timothy 41 Timothy 62 Timothy 12 Timothy 22 Timothy 4
341 Samuel 161 Samuel 172 Samuel 12 Samuel 22 Samuel 52 Samuel 72 Samuel 11
35Hebrews 1Hebrews 2Hebrews 3Hebrews 4Hebrews 5Hebrews 10Hebrews 11
362 Samuel 121 Kings 31 Kings 121 Kings 171 Kings 182 Kings 52 Chronicles 36
37Hebrews 12Hebrews 13James 1James 2James 3James 4James 5
38Ezra 1Psalms 1Psalms 2Psalms 6Psalms 13Psalms 16Psalms 22
39John 1John 3John 4John 10John 11John 15John 17
40Psalms 23Psalms 32Psalms 37Psalms 45Psalms 46Psalms 48Psalms 49
41Psalms 51Psalms 67Psalms 71Psalms 88Psalms 90Psalms 91Psalms 95
42Psalms 96Psalms 103Psalms 104Psalms 110Psalms 122Psalms 146Psalms 149
43Psalms 150Proverbs 1Proverbs 3Ecclesiastes 1Isaiah 1Isaiah 2Isaiah 9
441 Peter 11 Peter 21 Peter 31 Peter 42 Peter 12 Peter 22 Peter 3
45Isaiah 14Isaiah 25Isaiah 26Isaiah 32Isaiah 40Isaiah 41Isaiah 42
46Isaiah 43Isaiah 44Isaiah 52Isaiah 53Isaiah 55Isaiah 60Isaiah 61
47Jeremiah 1Jeremiah 17Jeremiah 30Jeremiah 31Jeremiah 33Jeremiah 36Jeremiah 38
481 John 11 John 21 John 31 John 42 John 13 John 1Jude 1
49Ezekiel 2Ezekiel 3Ezekiel 18Ezekiel 36Ezekiel 37Ezekiel 38Ezekiel 39
50Daniel 2Daniel 3Daniel 5Daniel 6Daniel 7Daniel 9Daniel 12
51Hosea 13Joel 3Micah 5Zechariah 8Zechariah 12Malachi 3Malachi 4
52Revelation 1Revelation 2Revelation 3Revelation 5Revelation 19Revelation 21Revelation 22