First-century Christian beliefs - Acts 3 (preached to Jews in the temple)

  • v 12 to 26 Peter explains that:
    • v 13 the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob glorified his Son Jesus
    • v 14 and 15 the Jews killed the Prince of life, but God raised him from the dead
    • v 18 the message preached by prophets that he would suffer has been fulfilled
    • v 19 repentance is necessary so that their sins can be forgiven and they can be refreshed
    • v 20 and 21 God will send Jesus again
    • v 22 and 23  Moses said that God would raise up a prophet like him who they would listen to. Those that will not hear the prophet that God will send will be destroyed
    • v 25 and 26 His listeners were the children of Abraham who was promised that all nations would be blessed through his offspring. Jesus is the promised offspring through whom the blessings will come